In Sep, off E Scotland and NE England, the number and frequency of cetacean sightings was quite low this year (TP, JS). A Minke Whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata was recorded at 55°38’N, 01°11’W and 3 Porpoises Phocoena phocoena at 55°35’N, 0°32’W on 16 Sep, White-beaked Dolphins Lagenorhynchus albirostris were recorded thrice: 17 Sep 7 and 4 individuals off E Scotland (57°25’N, 0°36’W, 57°50’N, 0°50’W) and on 21 Sep another 8 individuals at 55°25’N, 0°12’W. Three unidentified dolphins were seen on the same day in the same area. BC reported many Killer Whales Orcinus orca and Pilot Whales Globicephala melas from the northern North Sea, late October-early November 1992 on board SCH-33, a commercial trawler. Killer Whale pods comprised 7 on 22 Oct, 4 on 23 Oct, 1 on 26 Oct, 30 on 29 Oct, 1 and 12 on 31 Oct, 10-15 on 2 Nov, 3 on 3 Nov, 15 on 4 Nov, while Pilot Whale pods were 15 on 31 Oct, 15 on 31 Oct, 80-250 on 1 Nov, 35 on 2 Nov, 25-30 and 30-150 on 3 Nov. Killer Whales were scavenging discards. All sightings were within 60°53’N-61°53’N, 0°33’W-1°34’E, an area just NE of Shetland. There were no cetaceans seen on the other offshore trips. A Sunfish Mola mola was seen at Camperduin on 26 Nov (NH).