In 1990-93, 19 539 complete corpses of stranded birds were found on the Dutch coast (ignoring 'wings ’ and very old corpses). Of these, 46 were entangled in nylon fish line (58.7%), nets (23.9%), ropes (13.0%) or plastic six-pack rings for beer cans (4.3%). The overall percentage of 0.2%> entangled birds was very similar to an earlier report over 1979-89 (0.2%, n= 100 264; Camphuysen 1990a). Gannets were most frequently killed due to entanglements in fishing gear (5.4%>, n— 205; very similar to earlier findings: 1979-89 5.4%, n= 624). It is concluded that the entanglements in debris are a significant threat for Gannets in the southern North Sea, but relatively unimportant for most other birds.