In this report, seawatching results over 1994 are described. Data were collected from 20 different sites, scattered along the Dutch coast, covering 3841 hours of observation (Table I). The results are three subregions: Zuid-Holland (1821 hours of observation), Noord-Holland (1600 hours) and Waddengebied (420 hours). Discussed in this report are (1) the exceptional passage of tubenoses and skuas on 16 September 1994, (2) divers and (3) raptors through the year, (4) autumn passage of Lapwings, (5) the movements of Common Scoters, (6) Common Gulls in Noord-Holland, (7) ’record numbers' for divers (6 January 1994), Fulmars (16 September 1994), ’commie terns’ (I September 1994) and Arctic Skuas (16 September 1994), (8) rare birds and (9) exceptional numbers of Harbour Porpoises in spring 1994. Total numbers of birds and marine mammals observed in 1994 are tabulated in Appendix I.