Ringing of Little Auks in Svalbard took place during 1962-96, mainly in Hornsund, Bellsund and in NW Spitsbergen. Ringing effort varied considerably, and most birds were ringed 1962-65 (11 012), 1976-78 (800), 1983-88 (1950), and 1990-94 (1300). A total of 19 Little Auks have been recovered outside Svalbard. 17 of which were found or shot in Greenland and two in Iceland (Table I). It is concluded that at least part of the Svalbard population is wintering off SW Greenland. However, most recoveries were from areas in which extensive hunting has increased the chances for recovery, whereas in much of its (presumed) wintering range the chance of recovery is only remote. Despite the fact that some work has been done on Little Auks in Russian colonies, none of these projects included ringing activities. Further studies are needed to more fully clarify migration patterns of Little Auks and particularly the origin of birds wintering off Norway and in the North Sea remains rather obscure.