Between 10 June and 14 August 1980, Northern Fulmars were captured and either ringed and released (n= 153) or collected (n= 22) on Bjormya (Bear Island, Norway, western Barents Sea). Food remains of the individuals that regurgitated 'considerable' amounts during handling were collected and analysed (13 samples). In addition, the stomach contents of the collected specimens were studied. From regurgitated food fi.e. contents of proventriculus) an entirely different impression of the diet was obtained than from the complete examination of proventriculus and gizzard contents in collected specimens. Only fish flesh and crustaceans were frequently regurgitated, whereas hard parts such as fish eye-lenses, squid eye-lenses and -beaks, jaws of nereid worms, and plastic particles numerically dominated the prey items in stomachs of collected birds. The absence of crustaceans in an earlier study may thus be attributed to the method of study which was entirely based on stomach contents. In total 18 out of 22 gizzards fi.e. 82%) contained plastic particles (range 1-21 items).