A small population of the New Forest Burnet (Zygaena viciae) was monitred during the past five years. This new humet species for The Netherlands inhabits a dry and scrubbed chalk hill near Wijlre, Limburg, in the most southeastern part of The Netherlands. Maximum numbers of imagines were observed at the beginning of July and the flight period proved to be earlier compared with the accompanying Six-spot Burnet (Zygaena filipendulae). Larvae were found during May on the species’ main host plant Tufted Vetch (Vida cracca). Immigration from nearby Belgian or German populations is the most likely explanation for this recent settlement, because 1. viciae is known to be a species with a tendency for dispersal behaviour. Observed numbers are still increasing each year. However, to protect this population at the edge of its geographical distribution, spedal conservation measures will be necessary.