Investigations on the fauna of sciarid flies of the riverside forest Elster-Pleiße-Aue near Leipzig (Dipt., Sciaridae). – The fauna of black midges (Sciaridae) of the riverside forest Elster-Pleiße-Aue in Leipzig was investigated between March and Oktober 1993. Trapping with yellow traps was continuous; supplementary net catches, light trap collections and soil samples were also taken. In addition soil samples were collected for breeding the midges. A comparison of these collecting methods reveals 70% of all species were in the yellow traps which reveals the high efficiency of this collecting method for sciarids. Altogether, 43 species were recorded, whose phenology, habitat preference and distribution are discussed. 19 species are recorded from Saxony for the first time. A total of 74 species is now known for the area of the northern (“Elster-Pleiße-Aue”) and the southern (“Burgaue”) floodplain forest in Leipzig, while 102 species are known in all of Saxony. Trichosia jenkinsoni Freeman, 1987 and Corynoptera bulgarica Mohrig & Mamaev, 1992 are recorded in Central Europe for the first time.