About ten members of the NEV section Hymenoptera made a collection trip to three nature development areas near Rheden (Utrecht). We presents the results in two ways: one on the species level and the other on the community level. On the species level we sum up the aculeate species of each area, their rareness and their place in the Red List. Some suggestions are made how to protect the rare and endangered species. On the community level we link the species in an community diagram. Then we try to determine which species are and which are not characteristic for a special habitat, in this case a sandpit (Kwintelooijen) and an grassy riverbank (Palmerswaard). We distingish a group of eurytoc species that appears in each area. The sandpit habitat and the riverbank habitat had also their own, more charaseristic group of species.


CC BY 3.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding")

Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging

Hans Nieuwenhuijsen, Leo Blommers, Kees Goudsmits, Peter Megens, Jan Smit, & Jap Smits. (2008). Verslagen: Een ééndaagse inventarisatie van de bijen en wespen van Kwintelooijen, Plantage Willem III en de Palmerswaard. HymenoVaria, 27(1), 4–10.