It is nice to see that the colour pattem of the Eocene Cysticidae (not Marginellidae; compare Coovert & Coovert) especially those of Gibberula vittata (Edwards, 1855) already described by Fehse & Wiese (1992) has been confirmed now (fig. la en b, 2, 3 en 4). We have shown the colour pattem of the additional species: • Gibberula subpusilla van Nieulande, 1981: 5 transverse rows of surrounding ovate dots (fig. 5a en b) • Gibberula ziczac Fehse & Wiese, 1992: ziczac pattem similar like Persicula goossensi (fig. 6a, b en c) • Gibberula cooperi Fehse & Wiese, 1992; 8 transverse surrounding bands (fig. 7a en b, 8)