In the course of geological research work two prehistoric flint mine pits have been discovered in Hungary during the last fifteen years. Both localities occur in the transdanubian Central Mountains made up of Mesozoic formations. At Siimeg dark grey radiolarian flint lenses and layers interbedded with the well-stratified white limestone beds of the lowermost Cretaceous /Berriasian Stage/ ‘Biancone’ Formation were mined; at Tata Upper Dogger liver-brown radiolarian flint layers belonging to the Jurassic ‘Ammonitico Rosso’ Formation Group were worked. The results of the fundamental archeological studies have been published in the following papers; L. Vertes; Fine prahistorische Silexgrube am Mogyorosdomb bei Siimeg/Acta Arch. Ac. Sci. Hungaricae 16.1974/ J. Fiilop; Funde des prahistorischen Silexgrubenbaues am Kalvaria. Hugel von Tata. /Acta Arch. Ac. Sci. Hungaricae 25.1973/.