I. intermedia sp. n. from Halber CJay, a tributary of the Euphrates R., Turkey, is described. The holotype 6 is in the collection of the Institut des Sciences naturelles de Belgique, Brussels; the 9 allotype and <3 paratypes are in the author’s collection. The new species is transitory between I. pumilio and I. forcipata, although more closely related to the latter. Considerations on morphology and ecology of the three taxa are presented. It is concluded that I. intermedia is probably a relic species; it is more primitive than I. forcipata, but more specialized that I. pumilio.


CC BY-SA 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen")

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica

H.J. Dumont. (1974). Ischnura intermedia spec. nov. from Turkey, and its relations to I. forcipata Morton, 1907 and I. pumilio (Charpentier, 1825) (Anisoptera: Coenagrionidae). Odonatologica, 3(3), 153–165.