(719) BOSSAGLIA, R. & A. HAMMACHER, 1971. Mazzucotelli. Wasmuth, Tubingen. 123 pp. (Text in Ital., Germ, and Engl.). – (Author’s address unknown). The book is a richly illustrated review of the work of the well known Italian "ornamental smith”, Alessandro Mazzucotelli (born: December 30, 1865, Milan; deceased: January 29, 1938, Milan). The maximum physical presence, bordering on the monstrous, he achieved in certain portrayals of insects, particularly because of the alarming impression made by their exaggerate dimensions. As to the technical procedure we have the artist’s own explanation of the execution of the dragonflies on his famous lamp (reproduced here on fig. 42 A): "The body is formed with a flat piece of iron modelled when hot, the large eyes, wings and legs are welded on. The wings are cut in sheet iron”. (720) BULIMAR, F., 1971. Neue Beiträge zum Studium der Odonaten-Larven (Ordn. Odonata, CI. Insecta) aus der Moldau. Einige Merkmale der Metamorphose bei Arten des Unterordens Anisoptera Selys. Anal. §tiinj. Univ. Al. I. Cuza (II) 17 (2): 345-349, pis. 1-8. (Roumanian, with German s.). – {Lab. Zool., Univ. "AL I. Cuza", Iasi, RU). An account is given of observations on structural changes in the ultimate instar larvae of Anax imperator, and on the ecdysis of Aeshna cyanea and Sympetrum striolatum.