(1011) MATTHEY, W„ 1971. Ecologie des insectes aquatiques d’une torbière du Haut-Jura. Rev. suisse Zool. 78 (2): 367-536, pis. 1-4. (With Germ, and Engl, s’s, without translation of the title). – (Inst. Zool., Univ. Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, CH). This is a monograph on the aquatic insect fauna and ecology of the peat bog of Le Cachot, Jura, Switzerland (alt. 1050 m). 17 spp. of Odon. recorded from the area are listed in a special chapter. At the appropriate places, under various headings, single dragonfly spp. are also referred to. (1012) POLLARD, D.A., 1971. Faunistic and environmental studies on Lake Modewarre, a slightly saline athalassic lake in southwestern Victoria. Bull. Aust. Soc. Limnol. 4: 25-42. – (NSW State Fish., 211 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, AU). Physiographic, climatic, chemical, and especially faunistic data (incl. Odon.), collected over a 3 yrs period for Lake Modewarre, Australia, are presented and discussed with particular reference to a recent chemical and faunistic study of a number of other more highly saline lakes in the same general region. Emphasis is placed on the common volcanic origin, chemical similarities, and in particular the faunistic affinities of Lake Modewarre and the nearby ’Corangamite series’ of lakes included in the above mentioned study. A gradual fall-off in concurrence of faunal elements (most of which are of fresh-water affinities) with increasing salinity in Lake Modewarre and the various lakes of the ’Corangamite series’ is noted, and it is concluded that any clear division of the lakes in this area into ’fresh’ or ’saline’ environments based upon faunistic criteria would be artificial.