A short biography and appreciation of odonatological work of B.F. BELYSHEV, the most prolific living soviet odonatologist, are followed by a list of new taxa he described in the order and by his odonatological bibliography (1951-1974, 1975 partim). Most of his work is devoted to fauna, biology, taxonomy and geography of palearctic Asia, but it includes also several noteworthy contributions on the geography of the World dragonfly fauna. We consider it a special privilege to have the opportunity to write a few lines on our esteemed colleague and friend, whose work of many decades has not only set an inspiring example to young workers, but will remain a solid basis for further research on dragonflies of palearctic Asia and their geography elsewhere. His broad biological knowledge and interests, and his deep love of Nature, together with his thorough approach of scientific problems and with his warm and unassuming way of communicating with colleagues, made him one of the prominent personalities in the odonatological world. His original and daring views on some of the most intriguing puzzles of holarctic insect geography and faunal history opened up new fields of research.