– S. villosum Ris, 1911 has been described from a single subadult 9 of uncertain origin, but probably from Chile and, until recently, has not been found again. Its status (possible conspecificity with S. illotum [Hagen, 1861]) was, therefore, unclear. Examination of fresh material from Chile has now shown that, on the basis of morphological criteria, S. villosum and S. illotum are distinct, closely related species. They differ in colour of the legs, shape of abdomen, presence or absence of transverse carina on segment 4, structure of d appendages, wing colour, and average number of antenodal crossveins in the forewing, whereas d and 9 genitalia are rather similar. The distribution areas of the two species do not overlap; 5. villosum is restricted to S. Chile (and thus represents another endemic species to this region), whereas S. illotum is recorded from N. Chile and is widespread in other parts of South and North America.