(1085) SCHOTTELNDREYER, B. & H. SCHÖTTELNDREYER, 1971. A vocabulary of the Sherpa language. Summer Inst. Linguistics, Tribhuvan Univ., Kirtipur (Nepal). II + 17 pp. – (Author’s address unknown). This is a reprint of the Sherpa chapter from the publication F.K. Lehmann (Ed.), 1970. Occasional Papers of the Wolfenden Society on Tibeto-Burman Linguistics. Vol. 3. Tone systems of Tibeto-Burman languages of Nepal. Pt, 2. Lexical lists and comparative studies. Pubis Dept. Linguistics, Univ. Illinois. The latter gives lists of close to 900 most frequently used terms in 7 better known Nepalese languages, organized into 12 subject groups. The section on ’’Animals” includes 100 terms; term No. 91 is ’’dragonfly” and is provided, without etymology, for 5 languages, viz. Gurung: ”kyuq AAma'\ – Tamang: none, – Thakali: "pingkyur napraang", – Chepang: ”duyl, laaV\ — Newari: ”bhama”, – Sunwar; ’’utus”, – Sherpa: none. (Abstracter’s note: For more vernacular terms for ’’dragonfly” in the Nepalese languages cf. Odonatologica II, 1: 29-32; 1973).