Six Tibetan expressions for "dragonfly'', viz. "sgo.ha.nas.t'" "c’u.rkah.rten.'bu", "c’u.srin.rgyaLmo", "a.c'og.ts'aLpa", "p’ye.leb.sog.bzi" and ”a.ts'ags.ts’", as obtained from autochtonous Tibetan informants or mentioned in various dictionaries, are discussed in the context of the biological features of dragonflies and Tibetan demonology. In Tibetan, like in South-East Asia, the dragonfly names appear emotionally neutral; the dragonfly is considered neither a lovable nor a frightening creature. This is at variance with the expressions in the Ear East (China, Japan), where the dragonfly is generally respected and admired, while in European cultural areas its appellations often incur a superstitious dislike.