Earlier we compared an Aphylla male from Sao Paulo, Brazil, deposited in the Selys collection in Brussels, with the nominate A. producta SELYS, 1854, and it became apparent that our specimen differed from the latter by having a much longer tenth abdominal segment (BELLE, 1970). Recently another such male was taken in Argentina but, curiously enough, it proved to be a gynandromorphic specimen. The present record of gynandromorphism js the first for the Gomphidae and the first for South American dragonflies in general (cf. GLOYD, 1971, 1975). The gynandrous male is of symmetrical physique and resembles a nonfunctional hermaphrodite. The departure from male characteristics is conspicuous by the presence of imperfectly formed female genitalia, while all other male structures are normal.