A short biography of A. ERIC GARDNER (bom: May 22, 1913; died: Feb. 11, 1976, Banstead, England; travelling representative for a firm making window blinds, and well-known entomologist) is followed by a list of his odonatological publications (1949-1968), most of which are devoted to the European fauna, and many of which describe the developmental stages of British species. On February 11, 1976 A.E. GARDNER died in his sleep at Banstead, Surrey, after an active, happy life from which both entomology and entomologists benefited greatly. He was a recognized authority on the British Coleoptera, Orthoptera and Odonata; he served as Editor and Assistant Editor of the Entomologist’s Gazette and as Curator of the collections of the British Entomological and Natural History Society (of which he was an Honorary Life Member); and he provided a rich source of encouragement and advice for other entomologists. Throughout his working life he was employed as a travelling representative of Dean’s Blinds of Putney, a job which (as he once remarked) gave him ’’plenty of scope for entomology”. (An entry in his appointment book for a summer’s day often showed the name and address of a client, coupled with the name of a dragonfly and the location of a nearby habitat in which it was likely to be ovipositing!) Among those who were privileged to know Eric Gardner personally, he will be remembered also for his cheerful disposition, infectious enthusiasm and generous nature: he was a delightful person, and his many friends regarded him with affection and respect.