164 dead and dying specimens referable to 11 species, viz. Tholymis tillarga (Fabr.), Brachythemis contaminata (Fabr.), Pantala flavescens (Fabr.) Ictinogomphus rapax (Ramb.), Acanthagyna dravida (Lieft.), Crocothemis servilia servilia (Drury), Rhyothemis variegata variegata (L.), Urothemis signata signata (Ramb.), Sympetrum hypomelas (Sel.), Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Ramb.), Pseudagrion microcephalum (Ramb.) were noted in the outskirts of Calcutta during Aug. 1975 – Oct. 1976. Most (121) of them were T. tillarga, followed by B. contaminata (28), P. flavescens (3), C. s. servilia, I. rapax, A. dravida, C. coromandelianum (2 each), P. microcephalum, S. hypomelas, U. s. signata and R. v. variegata (1 each). Among all species 127 were males, only 37 were females. The majority of the individuals had head- or head-thoracic injuries, some had legs, wings and abdomen missing or damaged. 9 injured and 4 uninjured individuals, picked up alive, died later. 3 dead specimens showed no sign of external injury. Bird predation has been suspected as an important cause of injury/injuries in the specimens, while the intact individuals probably suffered natural deaths.