EXTINCT AND ENDANGERED DRAGONFLY SPECIES IN THE GERMAN FEDERAL REPUBLIC – The odon. fauna of the GFR can be divided into the following categories, based on the extent to which they are threatened with extinction: (A) 9 immigrant spp. (10% of 80), which are not considered here, and (B) 71 autochtonous spp., subdivided as (1) 22 widely distributed spp. (28%) that may still be considered to have a secure status, though often the number of their biotopes decreases strongly, – (2) 16 endangered spp. (20%), – (3) 24 heavily threatened spp. (30%), — (4) 7 spp. on the verge of extinction (9%), and — (5) 2 spp. that have disappeared completely in the past 50 yrs. Particularly endangered are the spp. occurring in running water and in unpolluted lakes and moors, since these biotypes, with a. few exceptions, have been or are being rapidly changed, polluted or destroyed. The following high priority measures are suggested: (1) intensivation of theinventarisation of the fauna of those biotopes that are still reasonably intact (in order to obtain more extensive, up-to-date data), and (2) selective conservation of particularly threatened biotopes.