(1572) BACHMAYER, F., N. SYMEONIDIS & D. THEODOROPOULOS, 1971. Einige Insektenreste aus den jungtertiären Süsswasserablagerungen von Kumi (Insel Euboea, Griechenland). Praktika Akad. Athenon 46: 11-20, Taf. 1-2. (With Greek s.). – (Geolog.-Paläontol Abt., Naturhist. Mus., Burgring 7.A-1014 Wien). A number of fossil insects from the Neogene freshwater deposits of Kumi, Euboea Island, Greece, are described and illustrated. Among these is a forewing (?) impression of an unidentified Cholcopteryx (?) sp. (Calopterygoidea). The original is in the collections of the Dept. Geol., Nat. Hist. Mus., Vienna, Austria (Acquisition No. 1880/C 848).