(1675) HARWOOD, P.D., 1971. Synopsis of G. Needham’s (Cornell University) unpublished manuscript ”The dragonflies of West Virginia”. Proc. W. Virg. Acad. Sei. 43: 72-74. – (1423 Township Rd. No. 805, Ashland. Ohio 44805, USA). 64 spp. collected in the summer of 1930 by the late Prof. J.G. Needham and his students in West Virginia, USA, and recorded in an unpublished manuscript, are listed. Progomphus obscurus Ramb. and Tetragoneuria spinigera Sei. have not been so far reported from the state. (1676) SPEED, D.C. & Y.J. McGAHA, 1971. A study of the macroscopic bottom fauna from selected streams in Northern Mississippi. J. Miss. Acad. Sei. 17; 80. (Abstract only). – (Author’s address given as "Univ. Mississippi", USA). The macroscopic benthos from waters in Lafayette county, Mississippi, USA, was studied from Sept. 1969 through March, 1971 by sampling at random with dip nets and sampling plates. About 80% of identified organisms were insects; Diptera, Odon. and Ephemeroptera predominated, being well distributed ecologically. No specific names are stated.