(1939) SIMMONS, G.M., Jr. & A. WINFIELD, 1971. A feasibility study using conservation webbing as an artificial substrate in macrobenthic studies. Va J. Sei. 22 (2): 52-59. – (Biol. Dept., Va Poly tec hn. Inst. & St. Univ. Blacksburg, Va 24061, USA). A feasibility study was undertaken on a small woodland stream, Contrary Creek, Louisa Co., Virginia, USA, to test a new artificial substrate, Conservation Webbing. The purpose of the study was to evaluate how well the community collected on the substrate material mirrored the natural stream community. 4 insect orders were consistently found (63% of the fauna known to occur in the stream), but no Odon., though 6 dragonfly spp. were collected by D-frame aquatic dip nets and by surber sampler. – (Abstracter's note-. The creek forms a part of the North Anna River hydrographic system. For other papers related to the subject cf. OA Nos. 1798 [Voshell & Simmons], 1940, 1941, 2019 and Odonatologica 7 [1978]: 67-76).