A short biography of Dr. E. RUDOLPH (bom: Apr. 29, 1940, Glidice, Czechoslovakia; deceased: Aug. 18, 1978, Munster, German Federal Republic; ethologist: Assistant of Biology, Padagog. Hochschule Munster) is presented. To many odonatologists it will be a great shock to learn that EDDA RUDOLPH died in Munster, German Federal Republic, of the injuries she had received being thrown from her horse. Her death came at the early age of 38 years and cut an active and utmost enthusiastic life. Although herself specialized in a different field, she was extremely fond of dragonflies, with which she had become familiar through her husband, Dr. RAINER RUDOLPH. Many of us met them as participants in the SIO symposia at Lancaster, Great Britain, and Gainesville, Florida. Many of us will remember her keen passion on occasion of the field trips in Florida in collecting Odonata and Lepidoptera which, after having sufficiently furnished her husband, she generously distributed among those who were less successful in chasing.