A short biography of G.H. BICK. (born Sept. 23, 1914, Neptune, Lousiana, USA; teaching career at 6 United States colleges and universities) is followed by his odonatological bibliography (1938-1978). His principal research on odonates is in the field of zygopteran reproductive behavior, and he has contributed to the study of the odonate distribution in the United States and to the knowledge of the life history of several anisopteran spp. I consider it an honor and a privilege to write this brief biography of Dr. G. H. Bick. I have been a student of his since my undergraduate years at Tulane University, where I found him to be a most enthusiastic and stimulating teacher. As his teaching assistant during two summers in Oklahoma and as his research assistant every summer since 1970, the times I have spent with Dr. Bick and his wife Juanda have been the most academically rewarding times of my life. In the field he is a tireless and energetic worker intent upon the pursuit and successful completion of the assigned problem. While his major interest has been in the odonates, he has spent many hours studying the flora and fauna and the ecology of every region of the U. S. we have visited. Asa direct result of this interest he has been responsible for the establishment of a Nature Area at St. Mary’s College, which he has maintained and studied for many years.