The distribution of the leg spines on the tibia and tarsi is described for the larvae of 3 anisopterans: Anax imperator Leach, Aeshna cyanea (Mull.) and Libellula sp. There are 2 rows of spines on the ventral surface of the legs and these rows broaden at the distal ends of the tibia and first 2 tarsal segments. There are 2 types of spine, single and tridentate. There are differences in their distribution between spp., but the greatest differences are between each of the 3 pairs of legs. The innervation of the spines of Anax is described and is typical of other insect mechanoreceptors. There is a single, bipolar sensory neuron, the dendrite of which gives rise to a ciliary structure. This ends distally in a tubular body at the base of the spine. The sensory apparatus is surrounded by three enveloping cells. The definition of tubular bodies and the optimal stimulus are discussed.