A bibliography of 170 references for the post 1892 literature on reproductive behavior is presented for 119 spp. of Zygoptera in Canada and conterminous U.S. References are presented by species and reproductive event, including species/sex recognition, courtship, 9 refusal, intra d sperm translocation, copula, oviposition, and those morphological aspects directly related to reproductive behavior. There is no information for representatives of Protoneuridae, none for 6 genera and none for 47 spp. For 14 spp. there is but one reference. Information on oviposition is most frequent, on copula and sperm translocation less so. Seldom has a single author detailed all 3 of these events for one sp. Outstanding needs are for: (I) data on the 47 spp. for which there is none, (2) additional data for the 14 with but one reference, (3) studies supported by continuous observations, timing and descriptions of all activity from seizure until the 9 leaves the water.