(2754) MENON, M.G.R., 1972. Dragonflies immobilized by breakers on seashore. Entomologists' News!., New Delhi 3 (7): 43-44. — (c/o Div. Em.. Indian Agric. Res. Inst., Ne «■ Delhi-110012. India). Large numbers of Diplacodes nebulosa and D. trivialis were observed (mostly alive when collected) stuck to the sands of the seashore along the Puri beach. Orissa, India. The 2 spp. are common in the area and are often found perching on the sand. It is presumed that they predate on small crustaceans washed on the shore by breakers. When they sit on the wet sand they are unable to take readily on wing, and as the billows break they get surrounded by the receding waters and ultimately get partly buried and immobilized under the rolling sand.