The observations were carried out (1977-1979) at 3 localities in British Columbia, Canada. Reproductive activity began as early as 09.30. Sperm translocation. always in tandem, was always followed immediately by copula. Copula was intermittent, lasting 23-58 min., followed by exploratory oviposition for 10-27 min. Effective oviposition was both in tandem at the surface and unaccompanied, with the female submerged and the male guarding. Guarding lasted 7-35 min. Host plants included healthy tissue of Callitriche verna L., Nuphar polysepalum Engelm., Sparganium minimum Fries and Scirpus sp. The submerged female oviposited with head down while backing up the stem. Submerged oviposition lasted as long as 90 min, a record submergence interval in the Odonata.