(2859) REDDELL, J.R., 1971. A preliminary bibliography of Mexican cave biology. Bull. Assoc. Mexican Cave Stud. 3: 1-184. — (Dept. Biol.. Texas Tech. Unix.. Lubbock. Texas 79409, USA). A taxonomically arranged checklist of all spp. of fungi and animals reported from Mexican caves (with locality names and bibliographic references) is followed by a list of caves and by a bibliography. Odon. are dealt with on pp. 51-53. The following spp. are listed: Acanthagrion gracile, Argia gaumeri, A. translata, Protoneura corculum. Telebasis filiola, T. salva. Brachymesia furcata, Cannaphila funerea, Dythemis sterilis, Erythemis plebeja, E. simplicicollis, Erythrodiplax connala, Libellula gaigei. Micrathyria debilis, M. hageni, Orthemis ferruginea. O. levis. and Perithemis domitia. The bibliography contains 9 odonatol. titles (L.K. Gloyd.D. McKenzie, N.B. Marshall* G.L. Thines, J.R. Reddell, L.M, Roth, L.M. Roth & E.R. Willis. E.B, Williamson). (Cf. also OA Nos. 2755, 2866).