The Federal Act, BArtSchV, promulgated August 25, 1980, prohibits the collecting of any odon. sp. on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, and places the odon. collections under governmental supervision. Since no case is known in the world that an odon. Population would be threatened with extinction by overcollecting, whereas the destruction and/or manipulation of the habitats are the principal cause for the d isappearance of local populations, it is argued that the present Act will contribute nothing to odon. Conservation, but will rather cause a significant set back of scientific research and of the role dragonflies play in the biology teaching schemes on all levels. The Act should be mitigated as follows: 12 common spp. should be free for educational purposes in the broadest sense, the others should be free for scientific research, with possible exception of those considered threatened with local extinction. On the list of the lauer the IUCN Survival Commission (Odonata Specialist Group) is the authority to be consulted.