(2962) DRAPER, K„ 1971. Trout flies in New Zealand. 182 pp. Reed, Wellington-Auckland-Christchurch-Sydney-Melbourne. — (Author's address unknown). This is a fishermen handbook. It includes the descriptions of several dragonfly hook dressings used by the sport anglers in New Zealand. These are "Danielson’s damselfly" (hook 8-12; good reputation on lakes and the margins of slower streams), "Dragonfly quill” (hook 3), "Tonga” (hook 10-12; in the Canterbury area considered excellent when the fish are rising to Xanthocnemis zealandica), "Bragg’s dragonfly nymph” (hook 8-10; very effective during the evening beetle rise), and "Brown dragonfly nymph” (hook 8-12; for Ashing close to bottom, used to best effect in lakes).