(3582) GEUSKES, D.C., 1973. Reisverslag van de Expeditie West Suriname 1971. [Report on the 1971 West Surinam Expedition], Zool.Bijdr. 15: 1-42, pis 1-8. (Dutch), – (Rijksmus. Nat, Hist., Raamsteeg 2, P.O. Box 9517, 2300 RA Leiden, NL). On pp. 28-29, an observation on the oviposition behaviour of Macrostigma maculata. made towards the evening of March 26, on the Kaboerikreek, West Surinam, is reported. A female was ovipositing in the water contained in a large bark groove of a felled Aspidosperma tree. Fringhtened away by unsuccessful attempts to photograph and catch it, it kept returning to this oviposition site, in a low flight over the ground: With reference tot earlier reports on pseudostigmatids breeding in phytotelmata, it is suggested that M.maculata might be a 'Kleingewasser” species rather than a bromelia breeder. (3583) ICHIBA, T„ 1973. [Dragonflies of Saga Prefecture], Zoku-Sagano-shizen 1973: 109- 114. (Jap.). – (6-26 Nagase-cho, Saga. Saga, 840, JA). An annotated list is given of 67 spp. known at the time from Saga Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. For an updated review of the prefectural fauna cf. OA No. 3585.