(3912) POINAR, G.O., \915. Enlomogenous nematodes. A manual and host list of insect-nemalode associations. Brill, Leiden. X+317 pp.— Price: Hfl. 92.—. — (Div. Ent. & Parasitol., Univ. California, Berkeley, Cal. 94720, USA). Only I identified and 2 unidentified mirmithids and 2 spirurids have been hitherto recovered from the larvae of 6 odon. spp., viz. the mirmithid Amphimermis tinyi Nickle from Anomalagrion hastatum and Ischnura posita (cf. OA No. 831). unidentified mirmithids from Leucorrhinia dubia (A.K. Artyukhovsky & V.P. Negrobov, 1967, Trudy Voronezh.gosud. Zap.15: 176-178) and Sympetrum flaveolum (R.J. Tillyard, 1917, The biology of dragonflies, Cambridge Univ.Press), and the spirurids Ascarops strongylina (Rud.) from Anax parthenope(S.Ono, 1933. J.Jap.vet.Sci.9; 105- -117) and Spiroxys contorta (Rud.) from a Sympetrum sp. (L.R. Hedrick, 1935. Trans. Am.microsc.Soc.54; 307-335). Ono’s record is considered "unusual". — (Abstracter's Note: The literature coverage is incomplete, missing are particularly the Russian references, e.g. OA No. 347),