Subsequent to a preliminary description in Resumos XI Congr. brasil Zool., Belem (1984), p. 161, the sp. is here described and figured in' detail (Q holotype, $ allotype: Reserve of Catarina, Minas Gerais-Brumadinho, S of Belo Horizonte, 21-V1-1983, deposited in author’s collection; numerous <5, $ paratypes from the same locality and from Po?os de Caldas). The sp. is close to A. punctata Martin, 1908, from which it differs in having pale ventral tergal spots in the abdomen, a dark band in the anterior part of the frons and metepimeral stripes broader than the mesepimeral ones, in addition to small differences in the anal appendages. It appears to be confined to certain iron rich habitats some of which are now under intense environmental pressure, and the red data book category of vulnerable is proposed to it.