Some general remarks are made on the types of the spp. brought by Selys under his sub-genus Protoneura, emphasizing the difficulty in identifying most of these spp. with the data available. The types of the Selysian spp. exigua, tenuissima and capilliformis were examined and lectotypes designated for the first 2 of these. Protoneura exigua was shown to be conspecific with Phasmoneura olmyra Wllmsn, 1916 and thus becomes the type species of the genus Phasmoneura Williamson. The position of tenuissima as a true Psaironeura was confirmed and Psaironeura cerasina Wllmsn, 1915 was made a synonym of E. capilliformis (Sel., 1886). Remarks were made on the morphology of the three species with the aim of correcting mistakes found in the literature and facilitating their identification.