Austroargiolestes Kennedy is redefined and its spp. are reviewed. Four new spp, are described and illustrated in detail, and a new name is proposed for a ssp. of Austroargiolestes icteromelas (Selys) which had been described as Argiolestes calcaris tenuis Fraser. Generally, diagnoses and illustrations only are given for previously known spp. The following spp. and sspp. are recognized: Austroargiolestes alpinus (Tillyard), A. amabilis (Forster), A. aureus (Tillyard), A. brookhousei sp. n., A. calcaris (Fraser), A. Christine sp. n., A. chrysoides (Tillyard), A. elke sp. n„ A. icteromelas icteromelas (Selys), A. icteromelas nigrolabiatus nom. nov., and A. isabellae sp. n, A key to males and females of all species-group taxa now recognized is presented.