Males of the Neotropical genus Philogenia, occurring from Costa Rica to Bolivia, were studied. To the 22 known valid spp. are added descriptions and figs of 5 previously undescribed ones. Type localities and deposition of holotypes of these are: boliviana sp. n. (Bolivia: La Paz Dep., Yungas de la Paz; no date; Foerster Coll., UMAA), buenavista sp. n. (Bolivia: Santa Cruz Dep., Buena Vista; no date; FSCA), mangosisa sp. n. (Ecuador: Morona-Santiago Prov., Mangosisa; 30-XI-I945; UMAA), peruviana sp. n. (Peru: San Martin Dep., Tarapoto; 16-111-1947; UMAA), and tinalandia sp. n. (Ecuador: Pichincha Prov., Tinalandia; I3-V-I985; FSCA). Each of these 27 spp. was assigned to 1 of 6 species-groups, based primarily on the superior abdominal appendages. The groups are characterized, a key to all known males is presented, and a diagram is given to show assignment of spp. to groups and to postulate relationships. The occurrence of spp. per country is tabulated; most occur in but one, cassandra Hag. being exceptional.