The new name is proposed for Sinogomphus Y.C. HONG (1982, Mesozoic fossil insects of Jiuquan Basin, pp. 47-50, textfigs 23, 31-33, pi. 3, fig. I, pi. 4, fig. I, Geol. Publ. House. Beijing), which is preoccupied by the extant gomphid genus Sinogomphus E. MAY (1935, Senckenbergiana 17: 90-94), In 1982, the author described a new genus and species of fossil Odonata from the grey-white silicic Lower Cretaceous sandstone strata of Taushan, Naimangi, Jilin Province, China, under the name Sinogomphus taushanensis gen. n., sp.-n. The Fossil (adult) specimen is in a very good condition, and conspicuously differs from the known gomphid dragonflies, therefore a new genus was erected for its reception.