(6065) STRONK, T.G., 1977. K faune, ekologii i biologii strekoz (Odonata, Insecta) Komi ASSR. — [On the fauna, ecology and biology of the Komi ASSR dragonflies (Odonata, Insecta)]. In: Geograficheskie aspekty ohrany (lory i fauny na severo-vostoke Hvropeyskoy chasti SSSR, pp. 87-96, Geogr. Obshch. SSSR (Komi Filial), Syktyvkar. (Russ.). — (Author’s address not stated). 45 spp. are listed and discussed, of which 10 were not previously recorded from the Komi Autonomous SSR, USSR. It is stated that the dragonfly impact on the mosquito larvae is insignificant. With reference to the odon. fauna. 4 types of aquatic habitats are discussed in southern Komi.