(6425) PAVLOVEC, R., 1971. Exlibrisi med planinci. — [Some book plates of the mountaineers], Plan. Vest. 71(6): 280-283. (Slovene). — (Trubarjeva 14, YU-61000 Ljubljana, Slovenia). Reproductions and technical descriptions are given of some alpine-motif book plates (ex libris) of some alpinists and/or mountaineers. Among these is an ex libris of Prof. B. Kiauta, as published also in Selysia 17(2); 11 (1988), in which his 3 principal professional interests are symbolically depicted in a composition showing the North Face and glacier of Mt Triglav in the Eastern Alps, the "Brilliant” stalagmite in the Cave of Postojna (Adelsberg/Postumia), and an adult Sympetrum vulgatum, standing for resp. high mountain research, biospeleology and odonatology. The book plate was made by D. Smit (1966, Utrecht) and has been exhibited at Ex Libris exhibits in Slovenia (Yugoslavia) (1975) and Holland (1978).