The revision is based on a study of adult males. C. chirripa donnellyi ssp. n. (holotype Q, allotype $ deposited in FSCA, Gainesville) is described from: Costa Rica, Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, Vll-1985, VI-1986. C. alcyone Sel. is a synonym of marina Sel., brasiliensis Montg. of inca Sel., and bogotensis Foer., of modesta Sel. C. jocosa McL. and klenei Karsch are returned to Cora from Josocora; terminalis McL. to Cora from Euthore. C. subfumata Foer. is a nomen dubium. The first male of munda McL. is described, and supplementary descriptions of lugubris Navas and klenei are given. Each of the 18 spp. is assigned to one of 3 groups based primarily on the apex of the terminal segment of the penis. Groups are characterized, a key to males is presented, and penes and pterothoracic color patterns are figured.