(7055) REMANE, A. & C. SCHLIEPER, 1971. Biology of brackish water. [Die Binnengewasser, Vol. 25]. X+372 pp. Wiley, New York-Toronto-Sydney. ISBN 0-471-71640-5. – Price: US $ 57.50. This is a revised Engl, edition of the classical 1958 ’’Biologic des Brackwassers”(Die Binnengewasser, Bd. 22, Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Stuttgart). The scanty information on Odon. (p. 80) is mainly based on H. Lindberg’s 1949 monograph (Commeniat. biol. 10: 1-206), it is neither revised, nor completed or updated. The very substantial volume of information on Odon. in brackish water habitats published in the past 4 decades and covering all climatic zones and continents remains completely disregarded.