The lectotype of N. luzonienis Selys, 1879 from Luzon is designated and the sp. is redescribed and figured. N. l. subpicta ssp. n. (holotype the Philippines, Negros Occidental prov., Mt Canlaon, Pula R., IX-1988; to be deposited in SMF, Frankfurt/ Main) is described, figured and compared with the nominate ssp.


CC BY-SA 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen")

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica

M. Hämäläinen. (1990). Contribution to the taxonomy of the Philippine damselfly Neurobasis luzoniensis Selys, with the description of a new subspecies (Zygoptera: Calopterygidae). Odonatologica, 19(3), 275–281.