The family (= Archizygoptera Handlirsch) is revised and a phylogenetic analysis undertaken. 19 new specimens from the Upper Lias of Dobbertin and Grimmen (Germany), referable to 3 genera and 5 spp. and representing a doubling of the total available material, are described. The new taxa proposed are Protomyrmeleon pascholdi sp. n., Obotritagrion petersi gen. & sp. n., O. tenuiformum sp. n. and Zirzipanagrion quadriordinum gen. & sp. n. Consequently, the family includes now 7 genera, with 14 spp. All the taxa are described and/or commented upon, the genera are keyed and their phylogenetic affinities are shown in a dendrogram. The monophyletic origin of the family in the Upper Carboniferous or Lower Permian is tentatively assumed and the Protozygoptera Tillyard is considered its sister group.