(7731) YOUSUF, M., 1972. Taxonomic studies of Anisoptera (Odonata) i of West Pakistan. PhD diss. Univ. Agric,, Faisalabad. viii+125 pp., 13 pis, I map excl. — (Dept Ent., Univ. Agric., Faisalabad, Pakistan. 46 spp. from Pakistan (formerly ’’West Pakistan”) are described and keyed, among which the following are introduced as new: Cordulegastridae: Kuldanagasterpakistanicagen. n.,sp. n.; — Gomphidae: Anormogomphus exilocorpus sp. n., Anisogomphus vulvalis sp. n., Ophiogomphus caudoforcipus sp. n., Ictinogomphus aloquopterus sp. n., I. pugnovittatus sp. n.; —Libellulidae: Trithemis parviaurora sp. n., T. trimaculata sp. n., Sympetrum aurigineum sp. n., S, robustum sp. n., S. jamrudensis sp. n., and Orthetrum flavum sp. n. — The first of these was published in the paper listed in OA 1496, all the other names remain unavailable (ICZN, Art. 9/11).