Detailed descriptions are provided of larvae of A. fissa Sel.*, A. fumipennis violacea Hag., A. harknessi Calv.*, A. lacrimans Hag.*, A. lugens Hag., A. oenea Hag.*, A. pulla Hag.*, A. rhoadsi Calv.*, A. tezpi Calv.*, A. ulmeca Calv.*, A. munda Calv., A. plana Calv., A. tarascana Calv. and A. tonto Calv. Those asterisked (*) are described here for the first time. Larvae of all spp. are diagnosed, using a new character for the genus, i.e. the 6 pharate caudal app. (cerci). Some previously poorly or incompletely described spp. are redescribed. Figs of all taxonomic characters and the ecological data are included.