Morphological variability was studied in laboratory-reared adults. The size of the postocular spots and the antehumeral stripes was surveyed in 1064 E, individuals, as was the size of the black dorsal spot of the eighth abdominal segment in 994 F, and F, females. Total body length was measured in 884 6 and 1404 2 from F, to F4 generations. Results indicated significant differences among families in all morphological characters, suggesting the existence of genetic variability. Most individuals had no postocular spots, and many males had incomplete antehumeral lines. Female phenotypes are described and figured, and an identification key is provided, based on these morphological characters. Heritability of body length was estimated to be about 0.5 in females and 0.4 in males. No differences in body length were observed between female phenotypes when compared within families. Some aberrant specimens are described.