C. freyi is compared with C. hylas by means of all hitherto described structural differences. None of these could be confirmed, therefore C.freyi and C. hylas are considered conspecific.Thc sspp. of C. hylas (hylas, freyi, meridionale and ussuriense), C. johanssoni (johanssoni, convalescens and bartenevi) and C. glaciale (glaciale and orientale) are analysed. On the basis of the 75-percent rule, no statistically relevant differences between the sspp.can be found, all representing merely clinal variations of monotypical spp. In particular there are only minor differences between the disjunct Central European "freyi" population and the Asiatic ”hylas” populations. The synonymy of the 3 taxa is added. Zoogcographically C. hylas is not considered a glacial relic, but rather a Manchurian faunal element and an arboreal taiga sp. having undergone 2 postglacial disjunctions (in the Northern Alps and on the Yamal Peninsula). Other palaearctic spp. with a similar postglacial expansion and/or comparable geographic isolates are discussed in detail, viz. Coenagrion lanceolatum, Aeshna caerulea, Somatochlora alpestris, S. graeseri, Leucorrhinia orientalis and L. intermedia. These cold-stenothermal spp. expanded from their glacial refuges during the Allerdd interstadial period (12,000 years ago) at the earliest, their regressive phase (occasionally with separation of disjunctive areals) being estimated to commence at the beginning of the Atlantic (7000 – 8000 years ago) at the latest. 2 Siberian dispersal centers and their dragonfly faunal elements are dealt with in detail, viz. the Central Siberian and the Mongol-Kazakhan refuges. Comments are given on the expansion of Calopteryx splendens ancilla Selys, 1853 and on the peculiar postglacial disjunctions of C. s. splendens (Harris, 1782). It is emphasized that all hitherto described Siberian odon. sspp. have to be revised. In palaearctic dragonflies hardly any infraspeciation has taken place during the Postglacial. Most sspp. differentiated as a result of polytopic disjunctions during the Wurm glaciation.


CC BY-SA 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen")

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica

H. Lohmann. (1992). Ein Beitrag zum Status von Coenagrion freyi (Bilek, 1954) und zur subspezifischen Differenzierung von C. hylas (Trybom, 1889), C. johanssoni (Wallengren, 1894) und C. glaciale (Sélys, 1872), mit Bemerkungen zur postglazialen Ausbreitung ostpaläarktischer Libellen (Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae). Odonatologica, 21(4), 421–442.